Multifunctional Center Sofia - Tulcea

Multifunctional Center Sofia is a social service community subordinated to the Directorate of Social Assistance and Protection of Tulcea without legal personality, established by the program of the R10 project "Children and young people at risk and local and regional initiatives to reduce inequalities national and promoting inclusion social" (CORAI) - financed by the European Economic Area Financial mechanism 2009-2014.

  Multifunctional Center Sofia is based in Victoriei street, no.101Tulcea.

   Life of the center is at least 5 years of completion of the contract, ie 30.04.2016.

   The center's mission: to improve the situation of children at risk, especially Roma children by valuing child and awareness by parents / guardians of their responsibilities in raising, caring for and educating their children.

Project Impact

On May 11, 2017, the first activities at the Sofia Multifunctional Center, which are part of the Impact project of the "Ion Luca Caragiale" Gymnasium School took place. Impact club volunteers, together with the children of the Sofia Multifunctional Center, carried out social activities, intercultural communication, interactive activities, as well as two workshops, one for painting and one for posters. Children's works are displayed at the headquarters of the Sofia Multifunctional Center and we expect you to vote for the most beautiful work.


The Closing Conference of the project

On 24 th of February 2017, it was held the closing conference of the Sofia Multifunctional Center project, attended by 121 persons, among which representatives of the public social services, teachers, representatives of the beneficiaries, representatives of the public institutions / authorities, NGO s, mass-media.
During the conference there were presented the project's objectives, results, data on project promotion and visibility, and information on all the activities proposed and achieved through the project.


EXCHANGE OF EXPERIENCE between Tulcea Social Assistance and Protection Directorate and Baia Mare Public Social Assistance Service

Between 13-17 February 2017, there was an exchange of experience between the Tulcea Social Assistance and Social Protection Directorate and the Baia Mare Public Social Assistance Service, which aimed at identifying and implementing in our community good practice lessons on combating the risk of Social exclusion of children in difficulty and the promotion of social inclusion.


Echological education

During the course of environmental education, in addition to informal meetings that children have them with their educational instructors in which they find out interesting and important things about ecology and the practical one in which they clen up the zones surrounding the center, the children were invited to write an essay in which they propose solutions to protect the environment.

There have also been evaluated their knowledge too.


Children teacher

Each child who is admitted under the program center is carefully observed by the educational instructors, but also by the other staff of the center to track their evolution, to see if they have mastered the concepts learned at the center, to observe their behavior and attitude in relation to other colleagues.

In this regard there have been chosen six of the children who showed selflessness, teamwork and who learned to pass on the information received.


Visiting the Home for the Elderly St. Nectarios

December is a month of good deeds, the good thoughts, is a month in which we try to lean more on our neighbours and try, as far as we can, to bring joy to those around us either through a good word, either by a gesture or giving them gifts that throughout the month of December is considered the gifts month.

In this regard it has been thought out the visit of our children  from Multifunctional Centre Sofia at the grandparents living at the Centre for the Elderly St. Nectarios in Tulcea.


Open Day

In the fourth day of "Open Doors" Directorate of Social Assistance and Protection Tulcea, Tulcea high school students visited the Multifunctional Centre Sofia.

Thank you students and teachers from the College "Anghel Saligny" Dobrogean College "Spiru Haret" School of Art "George Georgescu" High School "Grigore Moisil" and High Technology "Ion Mincu"!