Visiting the Home for the Elderly St. Nectarios

December is a month of good deeds, the good thoughts, is a month in which we try to lean more on our neighbours and try, as far as we can, to bring joy to those around us either through a good word, either by a gesture or giving them gifts that throughout the month of December is considered the gifts month.

In this regard it has been thought out the visit of our children  from Multifunctional Centre Sofia at the grandparents living at the Centre for the Elderly St. Nectarios in Tulcea.

Our children tried to turn an ordinary day at the center for the elderly in a beautiful and cheerful day through jingles and sketches that we have prepared for our grandparents, and sweetened them with cakes prepared of themselves together ladies trainer and congratulations and flowers given to them.

It was a wonderful day!


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