The Closing Conference of the project

On 24 th of February 2017, it was held the closing conference of the Sofia Multifunctional Center project, attended by 121 persons, among which representatives of the public social services, teachers, representatives of the beneficiaries, representatives of the public institutions / authorities, NGO s, mass-media.
During the conference there were presented the project's objectives, results, data on project promotion and visibility, and information on all the activities proposed and achieved through the project.

Among the result indicators of the project, we mention: 170 children - direct beneficiaries, 4 specialists trained in parent education, 8 information campaigns, 6000 informed people, 13 collaboration protocols, etc.

Also, the participants at the conference were able to watch a presentation movie of the center as well as of the activities carried out in the center and took part in an artistic moment supported by a group of children from the center, accompanied by the center staff who sang songs and gave greeting cards to all participants, as the conference took place around 1 st of March.



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