Project of the Territorial Administrative Unit Tulcea in partnership with the Assistance and Social Welfare during the period 23.02.2015 - 31.12.2016

Total project value: 1,956,418 lei

The project is funded with financial support of the RO10-CORAI, 2009-2014 EEA Grants funded program managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund.

The project goal

Strengthening economic and social cohesion in the city of Tulcea.

Project objectives

-combatarea risk of social exclusion of children, young people in difficulty by promoting social inclusion;
-development and diversification of integrated social services to the target groups;
-increasing the involvement of community services professionals in early detection of the determinants of social exclusion;
-The project contributes to the improvement of the situation of children at risk, especially Roma children, by raising parents / guardians of their responsibilities in the growth, care and education and active involvement in their development.

Specific objectives

A) Combating risk of social exclusion;
-Improve academic performance;
-the development of social and relational skills;
-responsabilizarea the environment through environmental education;
-responsabilizarea family, community, local authorities in terms of preventing and combating juvenile delinquency ;.
-the development and improve parenting skills;
-reducing inequalities by measures to combat discrimination against vulnerable groups and to explore similarities and differences arising from culture
B) The development and diversification of integrated social services - socio - educational and medical
C) Increase the involvement of the community services professionals and the community in the early detection of factors that determine social exclusion.


Territorial Administrative Unit - Tulcea
Address: Tulcea, Peace Street, Nr. 20, Tulcea County, Romania
Represented by Mayor Constantin Hodja

Directorate of Social Assistance and Protection Tulcea
Address: Tulcea, Str. Isaccei, Nr. 36, Tulcea, Romania
Representative: Director Ştefana Zibileanu

Management Team

Project coordinator: Eugenia Iancu
Project Accountant: Costea Ionela
Procurement Expert: Cristina mine enemy

Project beneficiaries

-150 Children aged 6-16 years who are at risk;
Tutu -150 parents and children or other family members;
-20 Young people from the College Henri Coanda


- Organizing and setting up a multifunctional center;
- Developing community spirit between different ethnicities,
- Reducing economic and social inequalities;
- Involvement and empowerment in strengthening economic
and social;
- Recovery relations based on the principle of equal opportunities and gender;
- Capitalization of exchange of experience between parents.

Activities carried out

- "School after school"
-Servirea table
parental -education
-education multicultural
organic -education
-Cursuri Good manners
-Education for health
-Prevent And combating juvenile delinquency
-Development Citizenship and involvement in volunteer activities;
-enabled Recreation-socializing;
Stimulating the involvement of beneficiaries in activities;
-Educatori Of child support;
-Premier After assessing student teachers
-Information On the harmful effects of alcohol consumption,
tobacco, hallucinogens;
-Information On improving measures to prevent obesity through healthy eating.

Proposed and expected results

- The project contributes to the improvement of the situation of children at risk, particularly Roma children;
- 320 parents, children and youth participating in community development activities SPIRIT among ethnic groups;
- Four specialists trained in parenting;
- 170 participants involved in the development of social and relational skills through social theater;
- 8 campaigns / actions of information and awareness / communicate;
- 2 campaigns / seminars on education and behavior for a healthy lifestyle;
- 6,000 people informed;
- May civic actions;
- Four competitions and organized circles;
- 12 cooperation agreements.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015 was released website. The application contains information on the status of implementation of the project, INDICATORS at and results of Multifunctional Center Sofia, as well as information on how to access the services provided to children aged 6 to 16, their parents and others and young teens future parents. Also in the pages of the site will be regularly published advertisements, programs and various items to which the public is invited to post comments.