Educational services

- Formal and informal learning activities to strengthen competenţelor- "School after school";
- Adding to the value of positive ethnic-cultural differences Multicultural Education;
- Activities to develop attitudes and behavioral skills-etiquette courses;
- Activities on empowering beneficiaries of caring for the environment, ecological education;
- Activities on Education parentale- parental skills development;
- Develop citizenship and volunteerism;
- Actions to prevent and combat juvenile delinquency.

Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency

To feel safe must respect the principles and rules of good conduct in society!
The activity was organized by age into an interactive and most active children were rewarded and stand out from their peers.


Multicultural Education - Customs, traditions, costumes, catering to Russians lipovean

We learn how to accept diversity to harness the positive differences.

Practical skills

I did the best flan and the best sauce.